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    Job Title :
    Holistic Nutritionist and Bio Mechanic Expert

    Areas of Treatment :
    Holistic-Nutrition, Bio-mechanics, Weight-loss, Weight-Gain, Disease Reversal, Holistic-Health-Educator, Optimal Health

    Specialties :

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    Location :
    Rock Island, 61201 United States

    Practice Website :
    Facebook-Christine Foutch-Holistic-InfoWars-Physician

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    Description of Practice :

    With the creation on Facebook, Twitter..&.. Tumblr .. of her practice.. Holistic-InfoWars .. Christine set out.. to educate individuals ... offering .. through sharing ... of information.. &.. the sharing .. of educational facts .. with the goal.. of putting individuals in control of their health-care... through education.. & ... understanding of the functions of the human body.. 

    Through her practice ..Holistic-InfoWars..  Christine.. offers education..&.. counseling many areas of health & Wellness.. she specializes in Weight-Loss.. Weight-Gain.. and overall fitness... as Christine assists in the formation of Cardiovascular Fitness Programs .. resistance training programs ... Power training programs .. functional training programs .. &.. programming for the special populations .. 

    Christine offers .. Disease Reversal through Nutritional intervention.. with success .. as she educates .. her clients on the biochemical processes of the body.... as she believes education is necessary...  for one to understand how the body works at the microscopic level.. to gain success .. 

    A client can expect to receive personalized counseling, a personalized training program, a personalized nutritional intervention program ..&.. ongoing education on the biochemical & physiological functions of the body so the individual may reach the goals set out to accomplish with success..&.. understanding..


    Christine Foutch.. always had a interest in the areas of Optimal health & wellness.. though.. it was not until.. she became a mother of 3 beautiful children... that the awareness of the.. Beauty ..&.. vulnerability of life .. took hold.. with the desire to provide for her children.. & .. to give to them .. the nurturing .. & .. education they would need to live the full healthy lives she envisioned for them..

    Christine enrolled herself into Penn Foster Holistic Nutritional Career Course.. & .. began her journey into the Holistic-Health-Field....

    Christine .. new .. she had a fascination for the Beauty & Physical abilities of the body.. But.. could not imagine.. the enormous amount of information out there.. that she would be attempting to learn... as she continued on with her educational journey .. Christine absorbed the information laid out in front of her... &.. the areas to learn & advance her career opened up to her...

    The areas of Nutrition, Biology, Biochemistry, Biomechanics, Anatomy, Physiology, & Pharmacology .. fascinated her..

    The Human Body.. &.. the Multiple .. biological systems .. working together at the microscopic level.. for the good of the organism.. System Complimenting System.. striving for Homeostasis = Balance...

    Christine has been able to continue on with her education through the lectures of Steven A. Fink, Professor of Biological Sciences, West Los Angeles College...

    With the lectures of Pro. Fink.. Christine has been able to add to her educational background Cytology, Biology, Anatomy, Physiology..&.. pharmacokinetics..&.. pharmacodynamics..

    Christine began her online counseling through Holistic InfoWars in 2013.. She has assisted many clients in the program formation .. Setting goals for weight loss .. weight gain.. body building techniques.. nutritional counseling for disease reversal .. Christine prefers to educate her clients on the physiological functions of the body... so individuals thoroughly understand how to reach their goals..

    Areas of Expertise :
    Counseling, Personal-Training, Holistic-Health-Education,, Wellness

    Education/Degree :
    Penn Foster College

    Year Graduated :

    Professional Society Memberships :
    The International Association of HealthCare Professionals (IAHCP)

    Attributes Success To:

    Being fascinated by the body and wanting to wholeheartedly understand it.

    Languages :

    Place of Birth :
    Moline, Illinois

    Gender :

    Hobbies/Sports :
    Hobbies = Continuing Education = Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Nutrition, Spending Time With family & kids .. Sports = Black Belt, Kick-Boxing, Bodybuilding, Cross-Training

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