Maria G. Barbosa, RN

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    Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula

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    Monterey , 93940 United States

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    Has Worked in Cardiovascular and Renal and now Works in the Float Pool

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    How do you try to make a difference in the lives of your patients?
    I try to be the best advocate I can be for the patient and take pride in knowing that I give my all each day that I go to work.

    Honors and Awards :

    • selected as a nominee for the 2010 nurse of the year

    What made you choose a career in nursing?

    I always knew I wanted to choose a career that would change people's lives in some way. I love helping people and nursing allows me to do this on a daily basis. I'm a lifetime learner and there is always something new and exciting in nursing to learn or different avenues to take. For example, I recently became stroke certified. While working on the renal/ medical surgical unit I was given the opportunity to precept new nurses and students. I love teaching others what I have learned. My next goal is to go back to school and obtain my bachelor's degree.

    What motivates you at the start of each day?

    First, my four beautiful children and husband are my primary motivation when I wake up every morning. Second, remembering how hard my parents worked in the fields from sun up to sun down. In the freezing cold, under the scorching sun and sometimes in the rain to get me where I am today. Lastly but not least, knowing that I am going to help someone in someway is a very fulfilling feeling.

    Attributes Success To:

    I have always been blessed with a great support system. Both in my family and in the work place. I believe I learned an incredible work ethic from both of my parents. They always told me to keep my head up high, have a positive attitude no matter what i was doing, set my goals and use my brain so I would not have to work so hard physically like they did. I was the first one from my family to graduate from college. They taught me that with determination and willpower I could do anything. My wonderful husband also takes a big part in why I've been successful. He is constantly supporting me in everything I do. For example, he makes life easy in the mornings by turning on my car so it's nice and warm and gets our four children ready for school and babysitting before he heads off to work. This allows me wo go to work in a relaxed state. I also had great mentors at work who still inspire me every day to excel, continue to grow and succeed.

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    Salinas, California

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    Favorite Medical Journal :
    American Journal of Nursing

    Hobbies/Sports :
    Enjoying Time With her Children and Family

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