Paul Drouin, MD (Can)

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    Job Title :
    Integrative Medicine Physician

    Areas of Treatment :
    Natural Medicine, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Advanced Biofeedback

    Specialties :
    Homeopathic Physician

    Practice Name :
    Quantum University

    Location :
    Honolulu, 96813 United States

    Practice Website :

    Years in Practice :

    Areas of Expertise :
    Holstic and Integrative Health

    Education/Degree :
    Université Laval Faculté de Médecine

    Faculty Appointments :

    • International Public Speaking
    • Founder/Professor, Quantum University, World Congress of Quantum Medicine

    • Book,
    • Book,
    • Book,

    Teaching and Speaking :

    Dr. Paul has been a guest many times (over 30 times in the past two years) speaking about Creative Integrative Medicine on radio shows and online internet interviews such as the Juicy Living Tour, Healing Conversations, NaturalNews Talk Hour, It’s Your Health,and many others. He also writes regular blogs on the subjects of health care and education in Integrative and Natural medicine.

    Attributes Success To:
    Being a lifelong learner and teacher. He is charged with providing training and certification to the next generation of holistic health professionals. His energy and motivation to accomplish this have attracted other like-minded individuals to the cause, creating a vibrant, positive collective for education and enlightenment.

    Gender :

    Favorite Medical Journal :
    Holistic, Herbal Medicine and Acupuncure Journals

    Hobbies/Sports :
    All Outdoor Activities, Surfing, Kayaking, Swimming, Biking

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