Scott C. Lemmon

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    Job Title :
    RN, EMT-P

    Specialties :

    Practice Name :
    Critical Care Transport

    Location :
    San Leandro, 94578 United States

    Years in Practice :

    Description of Practice :

    Responsible for Creating a Portion of the Policies and Procedures of Critical Care Transport. Caring for a wide variety of patrient types, i.e. Critical Adults and Children, Neonates, and OB patients.  I also do my very best to represent the best interests of the RN's and Medics that I work with as the Union Chief Shop Steward at my company, at the same time trying to preserve the best for customer service and business development for my company.

    Areas of Expertise :
    16 Years

    Education/Degree :
    ADN Dakota Wesleyan University

    Year Graduated :

    Board Certification :
    Licensed Paramedic

    Professional Affiliations :
    National Emergency Medical Services Association, NEMSA Shop Steward

    What made you choose a career in nursing?

      I had always wanted to be in health care since I can remember.  I like having the responsibility of taking care of patients and making decisions and judgement calls that make those patients better.  I even still after all these years love what I do for a living.

    What motivates you at the start of each day?

    On the days that I work or that I am off, what gets me up and going each day is the thought of what I can do to make myself better and what I can do to make the lives of those around me better too.  I totally believe that " What goes around, comes around ".  I think that I am so blessed to have my health, my friends, my job, and enough money and pride to enjoy my life to a great extent.

    Attributes Success To:

    Being Fortunate Enough to Find a Career That he Really Loves, with Great Co-Workers and a Good Company to Work for.

    Gender :

    Favorite Medical Journal :
    AJN, The RN Journal

    Hobbies/Sports :
    Snow Skiing, Ballroom Dancing, Playing Violin

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