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    , 44035 United States

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    I am a medical surgical nursing care professional. I work the third shift at EMH Regional Medical Center. My area of expertise is in patient care and being the best advocate for that patient.

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    • Associates degree in nursing
    • Service Excellence Award 2010

    What made you choose a career in nursing?

    I have always felt the desire to help people in there time of need. Working in the medical field has allowed me to full fill this dream and become an influence to others.  

    What motivates you at the start of each day?

    I have a small ritual before I go into work each night. I start each night with a prayer because one must keep faith. Then I listen to a song "It's going to be a good night " by the Black Eye Peas. Yes I know that may sound korny but laughter is the best medicne of all.

    Attributes Success To:

    I believe that I can relate to many of my patients. For one to overcome their illness they must have faith and a desire to heal. I have been through some adversity in my life as I struggeled to achieve my RN degree in nursing. My father passed away with CHF and my mother passed with breast cancer. Each time I would stop my studies so that I could care for my parents in their final months. I would return to school with a stronger desire to want to help others. Five months after my mother died and with only three months left of school. I once again would have to stop my studies. This time though it was for me as I was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer and had to undergo a bilateral masectomy with Chemotherapy afterwards. When I was being treated for breast cancer I used my unfinished degree as a goal that I must achieve. This goal to become a nurse and to want to help others gave me the power and desire I needed. I use these times to remind my self that there are others that need hope.

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