Tamara Baker, RN

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    Job Title :
    Home and Hospice Nurse

    Specialties :

    Practice Name :
    Avante Nursing and Rehabilitation

    Location :
    Kissimmee, United States

    Years in Practice :

    Description of Practice :

    Nursing home and hospice nurse

    Areas of Expertise :

    Education/Degree :
    Polk State College

    Year Graduated :

    How do you try to make a difference in the lives of your patients?
    To be honest, I cannot refer you to a specific action I performed or tell you that I make a difference by performing these precise set of activities. I just go to work everyday with the intention of d

    Professional Society Memberships :
    Florida Nurses Association

    Honors and Awards :

    • Dean's List, Bronx Community College, 2006-2007
    • Mentorship recognition, Polk State College
    • Valedictorian, Frome Preparatory School

    What made you choose a career in nursing?

    Nursing actually chose me. My cousin who is also a nurse suggested it. I knew that I have always wanted to be in healthcare but I didn't know where I belonged. Nursing has given me the platform to help in many different ways. Even though I am first and foremost the patient's advocate, I am also available to educate and support their families throughout the rigors of the healing process. It is a very diverse career field that encourages you to be the best individual that you can be-both personally and professionally.

    Research Interests :

    What motivates you at the start of each day?

    I am motivated by my never-ending flow of dreams and aspirations for myself-in my career and personal life. My inner drive to succeed and be good at what I do. Taking care of my mother in every possible way is a very big motivator as well. Also, all the people-family or non-family-who made an effort to assist me when I was down motivates me to dedicate myself to helping others. And of course the reverberating words and actions of the naysayers is always there to give me that extra oomph.

    Attributes Success To:

    Not only what but also to whom do I attribute my success to. I would say my mother definitely. She is a source of strength, courage and love for me. Those things were and still are very essential to my growth as a person and also to every level of my education. So many negative things have happened to me over the years that have tested my character. Today I have emerged on the other side of these events wiser, stronger and more persistent than before because now I know for a fact that I can weather anything; and I mean anything. So persistence and faith in myself are the other things that really stand out in my mind when it relates to my success.

    Place of Birth :

    Gender :

    Favorite Medical Journal :
    American Journal of Nursing

    Favorite Vacation Place :
    The world

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